My final project inspired by Tamaye Perry. All created in photo shop, using appropriated images and manipulating them except my last fish book cover I drew all the little images and scanned them in then manipulated them more with photo shop.
I see animated books covers as a possibility for the future with our Kindles, Nooks and I Pads… I will attach a research paper that wrote this past semester on eReaders. Right now my Kindle doesn’t even show cover art which is very disappointing. There are many issues with the rapid change from traditional books to eReaders, and while I think motion book covers would be great for selling books, there’s also concerns with them taking away from the book itself, drawing more attention than the reading- As there are already concerns with the accessibility of books on these devices, while fantastic that we can have access to millions of books just clicks away some fear that this will mean less reading more searching and finding- reading just a little bit here and there.


Posted on: May 7, 2011

My final book cover for the class I hope to do more
This one seems closer to Tamaye Perry’s design

I made a spelling error 😦 in the previous book cover

this one is pretty simple as well but still took about 2 hours…

Our last project is an artist presenation- I chose Tamaye Perry- a designer. She does book cover designs, illustrations, and some motion work. I decided to combine motion work with book cover design since books are moving to eReader devices this kind of animated book cover could be possible. I plan to do a series of these.. hopefully at least 3. Here’s my first. Title and Author are totally made up btw.

Here’s the gif (tiny version) of my little 50second movie 🙂

and below is the link to the whole 50 second movie. Bon appetit!

these are pretty cool… i think the first one by Kirsten Lepore is my fav, it was long but a really cool story…sad though- I’m kinda mad a this cupcake.

  • None
  • corvainangel: i liked the photos ans it looked like a fun use of photoshop filters. the colors and compositions were interesting. i do think however if this was
  • joe vue: Very colorful. This reminds me of when I was younger where my eyes started to degrade. the blur of the world started to take over. What would'v
  • psuedocode: Nice wide range of light and how it can naturally differ. More manipulation may have added to the exhibit